How it works

Choose a project

Choose a project from a range of areas across different industries which help solve real problems for employers.

Learn at your own pace

Content playlists curated by industry leaders engage, inspire and teach you, anywhere, any time.

Collaborate with your peers to learn the right skills

Working on real problems helps you learn the right skills relevant to industry today while gaining invaluable industry experience.

Get recommended

Delta uses a 360 review process. Your peer, sponsor and employer will rate you on your performance in each skill and the employer will certify you based on the review.

Coaching support all the way

Discover your talents

Using the Gallup™ StrengthFinder, your coach will help you identify how effectively you're applying your talents today.

1-on-1 coaching

Your coach will work with you to build on your strengths to maximise your learning potential.

Action plan

Your coach will help you to reflect on your experiences and to plan your next steps.

As a Delta coach, I am absolutely inspired to see how much people benefit from career & strengths coaching. It is an amazing method of support which has the ability to really maximise people’s potential. In an educational context it allows one to truly expand their experience of learning way beyond the syllabus.
JAMES BEILHARZ | Delta Project Coach
Create a 3D printed product
I found the one-on-one coaching session with my coach highly valuable - I have not had this in any other course or even in high school. It was good to talk about my strengths and how they could be used in the future.
Create a Happier Workplace
Great discussion about ideas and concepts on issues that are currently happening in the consumer world. The exercises were great when it came to understanding structuring a story. Also collaborating with a team that has a passion for the story that we are pitching to our mentors.

The Delta Difference

Learn the right skills

Each project has been co-crafted with employers and industry bodies to ensure you're learning the skills the industry demands. Get the skills you need to get ahead.

Real Projects.
Real Experience.

Forget lectures, textbooks and exams. Work with industry to solve real world problems for real companies. Gain valuable hands-on project experience that you can demonstrate to existing or future employers.

Learning that fits into your life

Delta has a range of projects that you can engage with to give you the learning you need, when you need it.

Get noticed

We're collaborating with influential employers to get you working shoulder-to-shoulder with the most innovative talent in the industry.

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What you’ll get

Real world projects

These aren't assignments. These are real-world problems that companies need your help solving.

Employer Certified Skills

At the end of the project, you'll receive a certificate with the employer recommending you for the skills you've demonstrated.

Coaching & Support

Our team of coaches and project sponsors are always available to help you on your journey. Get support all the way

Build your portfolio

Every project you complete can be added to your portfolio to showcase your experience and skills to prospective employers

Valuable Feedback

Get feedback like you would in the real world - directly from your peers and employer. You get total transparency on how you're going.

Inspiring content

Fantastic content - Carefully curated content you can consume at your own pace to motivate and inspire you on your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

We'll be creating projects for all industries. This is a new product, so for this trial phase, we're focusing on 1 area - Design - stay tuned to see how the ecosystem of projects develops.

You'll receive a credential that's recognised by us, and the employer. This will help build your digital profile and personal brand.

We'll be creating projects for all industries. This is a new product, so for this trial phase, we're focusing on 1 area - Design - stay tuned to see how the ecosystem of projects develops.

Some projects will require you to work alone and others are team-based. Each project is different.

Our projects are competitively priced between $2000-$2500 per project.

Projects generally run for 6 weeks. Depending on the employer and the project, we might offer shorter or longer projects.

It is recommended that you join only 1 project at a time if you are working full-time. If you're super keen, you can work with your Career Coach to develop a more rigorous schedule.

We ask that you ensure you are available before registering. If something comes up, let us know and we will let you know when the next round of projects are on offer.

There will be a selection process where individuals who have expressed interest are interviewed for a place in our trials. You will be contacted by a Delta representative once you have submitted your expression of interest.