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Delta enables employers to tackle the problems of the future, today. Delta learners hone their skills by solving the real world issues your business is facing.

Secure the best talent

Watch learners develop and grow as they work on your project. Make offers to the top performers. Recruitment done right.

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Delta focuses on developing our learners' EQ and vital workplace skills like communication, collaboration and design thinking, among many others. Make your employees your greatest assets.

We bring out the best in learners

All Delta learners are coached and mentored throughout each project. We help them understand themselves better so they can apply their strengths to your challenges.

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What our partners are saying

The mentoring experience was extremely positive for us at Switchboard Media. Our partnership with Delta concreted legitimacy for our business in the industry, whilst meeting for three hours weekly with like-minded, committed creatives inspired fresh new ideas for future concepts. The virtual classroom provided a safe space for learners, the course co-ordinator, and us, to communicate in turn without interruption or intimidation. We participated in the classes as equals with our learners, teaching them all that we knew, and learning from their youthful enthusiasm and innovative minds simultaneously. We can’t wait for our next course.


"Delta have been a delight to work with. The team has a great passion for learning as well as teaching, which shows in their attitude and flows into their courses. The Delta team are very friendly, and I found teaching alongside the Delta Project Sponsor to be no fuss and a lot of fun as we learnt off each other in our different backgrounds and teaching styles. The company is organised, skilled, and passionate, which all make for a great experience for students and teachers alike. Overall, it's been an absolute pleasure and great experience to be a part of the Delta team!

ASHLYN LEE | 3D Printing Studios

How it works

Define your project

We work with you to define the business problem, learning objectives and desired outcomes for the project

Recruit learners

We help you interview and select the very best learners interested in your project

Learn through solving

Learners pick up skills as they work on your project. Delta also offers coaching and mentoring to bring out their best

Case Studies

Create a Happier Workplace

LEARNERS: 10 | DURATION: 6 weeks |DELIVERY: Presentation
The Brief

The goal of this project is to understand how the application of design thinking can drive valuable and transformational innovation in the workplace. Incorporating insight into the mind, the body and nature, learners were asked to design a product or experience which promotes a happy and healthy workplace.

The Outcome

Trigami is an origami inspired workspace. Made with lightweight, soundproof materials, Trigami can be set up to support working individually or collaboratively. The flexible configuration is practical but also encourages play: fostering creativity, discovery and problem solving in the modern workplace.

The Future of Consumerism

LEARNERS: 10 | DURATION: 6 weeks |DELIVERY: Film script
The Brief

The goal of this project was to tell a story exploring different themes and ideas on how consumerism might change in the future, including the idea of ‘consumers as content’.

The Outcome

Learners had ultimate control over the direction of their stories and many extended the brief into the realms of science fiction. In ‘Introvision’ Ian Cook explores a world where human memories are up for sale and the unexpected costs and consequences of trading something so precious.

Create a Happier Workplace
The Future of Consumerism

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you're busy, we can work with you to design a project which fits into your schedule.

Yes, providing that written approval is granted by Delta for each case. Delta will facilitate a consultation with the learner responsible for the idea and ensure both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

The Delta experience prides itself on matchmaking employers with the best talent. If you like what you see, make an offer!

Employer are not charged for participating in a project. You contribute your time and expertise.