Learn how to apply multiple digital platform storytelling to excite and engage an audience for the pilot of a new television series, The Laps.

Break into media by applying multiple digital platform storytelling for the pilot of a new television series, The Laps. Combine your passion for tv/documentary production and storytelling with cutting edge transmedia strategy, and get your foot in the door in a competitive industry. Let your passion shine as you work on a TV pilot project and learn certifiable skills with the industry's best, in just six weeks.

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The Project

Increasingly businesses need to utilise all facets of media to reach their audience. New immersive technology like virtual reality and augmented reality are changing the way users interact with entertainment.

Work in teams to brainstorm, design and prototype the participatory transmedia storytelling strategy around a new television documentary. The Laps follows two surfers who leave their families, friends and comfort zone on a journey of discovery to re-connect with nature and learn how we can reverse the cycle of our planet’s destruction by casting off the 'consumption = happiness' mantra.

The goal of this project is to design a participatory audience experience strategy utilising the power of storytelling across web, mobile, tablet and other platforms and interactive digital storytelling using new technologies like VR/AR.

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Ideal for people interested in:

  • Transmedia
  • Storytelling
  • Design (Graphic, Media, Spatial, UX)
  • Marketing (Brand Management, Social, PR)
  • Media Production
  • Film making
  • Journalism
Project Fundamentals
$2200 (incl gst)
Money back guarantee*
16 June 2016 - 21 July 2016
  • 6 weeks
  • 10 hours per week
  • Online
$2200 (incl gst)
Money back guarantee*
  • 6 Online workshops
  • 10 hours per week over 6 weeks as follows:
    - 6 hours self-guided learning and project work online
    - 3 hour weekly team meet-ups facilitated by project sponsor
  • Professional coaching sessions in Weeks 1, 3, 5
    - Gallup™ StrengthsFinder access and guided coaching to bring out your best
    - Dispositional coaching based on your development areas
  • Access to all of your self-guided learning one week before workshops start
  • * Have a great experience or you will be fully refunded
Project Schedule
Indicative structure only. Subject to change.

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The power of storytelling
I enjoy being able to receive feedback from Switchboard Media. I also like the lateral view that the meetings take with discussion being allowed to explore alternative avenues of thought.
Create a Happier Workplace
Great discussion about ideas and concepts on issues that are currently happening in the consumer world. The exercises were great when it came to understanding structuring a story. Also collaborating with a team that has a passion for the story that we are pitching to our mentors.

Skills You'll learn

Intro to Immersive Experience Tech

Immersive experience technology refers to hardware and software which blurs the lines between the physical and simulated world, creating a sense of immersion in a hybrid environment. Emerging technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D display, holography, 3D audio, haptic technology and brain-computer interfaces are changing the way society interacts with technology.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate understanding of immersive experience technology by integrating key aspects of immersive technology in a transmedia strategy. You will understand the scope of immersive technology and the benefit of contextual application of this tech in different areas.

Transmedia storytelling

Transmedia storytelling is the ability to convey an essential message to an audience using a variety of digital platforms. Transmedia storytelling engages the audience powerfully, by using the unique experience of particular technologies to amplify the story.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in transmedia storytelling by applying the structure of a good storyline across multiple digital channels, and utilising the key proposition of that technology to generate an emotional response from an audience.

Metrics and Data Visualisation

Metrics and data are sets of quantitative and qualitative variables which represent key analytic pieces of information. Metrics and data track progress, establish trends amongst user groups and give unique insight. The power of data is in the visualisation of key information in a way that is easily digestible by users.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate ability in metrics and data visualisation by analysing information, identifying patterns and correlations and mapping key data and metrics in a visually appealing and accurate way.

User Journey Mapping

A user journey tells the story of a user's interactions with a product or service. It details their interactions across both physical and digital touchpoints and captures what they're thinking/feeling/doing at each stage of their journey. Having a user journey map allows you to build empathy for the user and allows you identify opportunities to improve the overall user experience.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in user journey mapping by producing a detailed user journey map describing the various interactions a user has with a product/service

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is the ability to convey an essential message to an audience. Storytelling engages an audience powerfully, by creating meaning and communicating a message.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in storytelling by applying the structure of a good story in order to generate an emotional response from an audience.

Primary Research

Primary research is first-hand research, carried out to answer specific issues or questions. It can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups. Note: research refers to diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover facts or principles.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate primary research techniques including: problem identification, questionnaire or survey construction, carrying out research interviews, presenting your research with data visualisation, communicating research results and embedding actionable insights toward solving problems.

Secondary Research

Secondary research is the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research . Note: research refers to diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover facts or principles.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in secondary research through secondary research techniques: including identifying, critical review, collation and contextualising of existing research. You will also demonstrate an ability to communicate the results and embed actionable insights towards solving problems.


Synthesis is the process of bringing together separate elements or components of a problem in order to form a coherent whole.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in synthesis through contextualising research, ideas and data in order to form a coherent solution to a problem. You will understand how to interpret data to reach a hypothesis, choose a focus area and create context.

Creativity & Ideation

Creativity and ideation are the processes of generating ideas, insights and solutions that are contextual to a brief, scenario or problem.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate competency in ideation through generating ideas that are contextual to a problem. You will demonstrate creativity in the ideation process by approaching the problem from varying perspectives and using information from various sources to drive your ideation approach.


Feasibility refers to the ability to complete a project successfully, analysing and assessing financial, legal, technical, market, scheduling and other factors. A feasibility analysis allows the positive and negative factors and the practicality of a solution to be considered before work begins on developing the product or service.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in feasibility by applying the measures of practicality to a solution idea. You will explore options regarding the financial, legal, technical, market needs and scheduling factors of your proposed solution.


Good presentation and public speaking skills are key to many influential roles in today's business world. Effective presentations are made up of a variety of elements. You have to know what your audience wants, and balance that with what you need to tell them. You need to prepare interesting, engaging content. You must be confident, engaging and charismatic in presenting the material, you have to know how to manage your environment successfully, and you need to make sure that your message has maximum impact.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in presenting by demonstrating audience engagement and captivation with your content, controlling the environment while you present your ideas clearly and confidently, ensuring that the key message reaches the audience.


Mindfulness is a method of paying attention, seeing clearly and being present in the events of your day-to-day life. Mindfulness allows you to process and react to events in a calm, methodical manner. It helps us to recognise habitual, unconscious emotional and physiological reactions to everyday events which can be damaging. Practising mindfulness allows a person to be fully present in their life and work, approaching events in way that cultivates clarity, insight, and understanding and improves quality of life.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate mindfulness techniques by applying them in the context of the workplace and day-to-day life. When using these techniques you will demonstrate a capacity to respond to thoughts and emotions with clarity, compassion and understanding.

Dispositional Skills

Our fully accredited coaches will sit with you to identify your strengths and focus on an area of development you can work on during the course of the project. Our coaches will give you the best chance of success by setting a personalised action plan you can follow. Regular coaching catchups help ensure you’re on target.

Dispositional skills to choose from:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Empathy
  • Mindfulness


By Angelique, Laura and Annie
By Ian Cook

About the Company

Based in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Switchboard Media is a boutique media house with soul; original concept specialists creating visual masterpieces. Switchboard Media's vision is to bring original stories to life for a global audience and drive a paradigm shift towards the rhythms that nurture happiness through personal documentaries and projects. Their focus is on visualy stunning content across all scopes of creative media and they are passionate about bridging the gap between activism and ignorance.